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Coining.AI helps investors

automate their crypto

trading activity with AI

Coining.AI is an Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Driven Cryptocurrency Trading Platform that provides users with tools such as coin rankings, coin social buzz rankings, and detailed coin and token information. With these tools, we help cryptocurrency investors be one step ahead of the rest of the market.

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What we can help you achieve

Educate Yourself on Coin Rank | Automate Your Portfolio | Streamline Investment Strategies | Maximize Profit

A.I. Driven Tools
  • Uses NLP & Deep Learning
  • Scans Social Buzz & Price History
  • Predicts Coin Price 
  • Sends Buy & Sell Alerts
Bot Marketplace
  • AI Driven Investing
  • Auto Balanced Portfolio
  • Manages Risk and Preference
  • Preset Trading Styles
Smart Contract Bots
  • Optimize Your Portfolio
  • Automate Profit
  •  Reduce Your Risk
  • Secure Blockchain Bots
  • Coin Ranking & Difference
  • Normalized Price
  • Undervalued Buys
  • Curates News by Coin
  • 1500+ Coins Analyzed

Coining.AI Product Suite


AI and Natural Language Processing Tools Keep you one step ahead of the market


CoinFeed curates all latest trending crypto news and social posts while cutting research time


First of it's kind AI, Social Buzz Coin History tool predicting coin price with trading alerts.


The most versatile way to create a well-balanced cryptocurrency portfolio and share it on the Portfolio Marketplace


CoiningBot to make trading easier for you and is the most advanced trading bot on the market for skilled and novice alike.

CoiningBot Marketplace

Helps you create a well-balanced portfolio that’s tailored towards your timeframe, your risks, and your availability.

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