Meet Our Team

Dr. Naushad UzZaman

CEO and Founder

Naushad UzZaman, PhD, is the CEO and Founder of Coining.AI. He also co-founded SocialTrendly/Blackbird.AI in 2013 to create innovative Artificial Intelligence driven Threat Detection Platform focused on Public Safety and Homeland Security. Naushad attended the University of Rochester, where he received his Masters (2008) and Ph.D. (2012) degrees in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence). Prior to that received the Vice Chancellor's Gold Medal during his undergraduate studies at BRAC University (2006). Naushad has an extensive academic and industrial background representing innovative accomplishments in the area of Artificial Intelligence. He authored more than thirty peer-reviewed scientific papers and worked in the research divisions of renowned companies such as Microsoft, Yahoo! Research, Nuance, and Bosch. Naushad participated in the first IBM Watson Hackathon in NYC and won the first place. Naushad developed the AI platform for Blackbird.AI and CoiningAI and also implemented the first version of the backend/frontend for Coining.AI.
Naushad’s key areas of focus are in Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Big Data Analysis, Data Mining, Natural Language Processing/Understanding, Social Media Text Analysis, Information Extraction, Temporal Information Processing, Dialog Assistant, and Medical NLP.
In his spare time, Naushad enjoys traveling and photography.

Wasim Khaled

COO and Co-Founder

Wasim is the COO and Co-Founder of Coining.AI and has 15 years of experience in entrepreneurial ventures having built companies in diverse verticals including Artificial Intelligence, Fashion, E-Commerce, Manufacturing, Luxury Marketing, SEM/SEO Marketing and Live Streaming Video. His past accomplishments include growing one of his companies over 1000% in a single year, hitting #19 on Inc. 500's Fastest Growing Companies in America and earning the distinction of Inc. 500's Asian Entrepreneur of the Year that same year.
Across his various businesses, Wasim has established direct relationships with Apple, Target, Best Buy, Universal Records, Interscope Records, Lady Gaga, Bloomberg, SONY, Nintendo, L'Oreal, Patron, T-Mobile, Verizon, Blackberry, AT&T, The Superbowl, The Emmys, The Oscars and over 100 A-List Celebrities.
Prior to Coining.AI Wasim co-founded Blackbird.AI, an Artificial Intelligence Driven Threat Detection Platform focused on Public Safety and Homeland Security which graduated from NEX3's Silicon Valley Incubator in 2017 and Won first place in IBM Watson's Hackathon.
Wasim studied Computer Science and Graphic Interface Design at the University of Rochester.

Yao-Chieh HU / Jeff

VP Blockchain Technology

Jeff is a blockchain researcher, machine learning practitioner, semi-pro magician, and prize-winning poet from Taiwan. He launched his first two tech startups in Hong Kong during undergrad and was selected as the Regional Head of the Blockchain Education Network.
Jeff invented a novel blockchain framework that won Gold Prize at the EtNet FinTech Awards and Second Prize at the Seoul UpTown E-commerce Challenge. He is also developing the first campus blockchain network in East Asia at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) to build a sharing economy for professors, advanced laboratories, and students.
Jeff has worked with J.P. Morgan Chase to develop a Natural Language Processing chat bot for financial planning with a natural language processing system. He also has developed an Artificial Intelligence-based system for recognizing the stock market’s movements.
At CoiningAI, Jeff is primarily responsible for Blockchain technology development and also contributes to Artificial Intelligence technologies. His Blockchain development serves as the basis of smart contracts for CoiningAI’s products and services.

Dr. Abul Hasnat

Principal Data Scientist

Dr. Hasnat has over 10 years of academic and industry experience with Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. With a Ph.D. in Image, Vision, and Signal technologies from the Université Jean Monnet Saint-Etienne, he specializes in machine learning technology, as well as image processing and computer vision. He also has extensive experience with pattern analysis and recognition.
Throughout his career, Dr. Hasnat has worked on projects relating to face biometrics and authentication with deep neural networks, 3D image analysis, Document image analysis and recognition, and other technologies. He has developed advanced systems for face recognition, dynamic time series data, intelligent transportation, and much more.
At CoiningAI, Dr. Hasnat focuses on the deep learning models for CoiningSignals and CoiningBot. He is responsible for developing the analytical and predictive methods necessary to tell when a coin is about to change in price. His role as Principal Data Scientist sees him play an instrumental part in CoiningAI’s Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science efforts.

Sergey Vostrikov

Lead Platform Developer

Sergey has 12 years of unique experience in web software development. As Head of Development division, he developed various solutions for government needs, including Analysis System of Aviation Safety and Business Intelligence System of Industry and Enterprises.
Working in successful international companies, Sergey has implemented over 30 projects in different spheres: Video On Demand and Live Streaming services, games and entertainments, applications for Smart TV and Xbox, cryptocurrency trading, and data mining. He has also worked as a partner with technology companies like Microsoft, Samsung, Vympelcom, and Rostelecom. After completion of various projects, Sergey’s team received Microsoft’s Best Client Developer 2015 & 2016 status and become a Microsoft silver partner. Sergey has a master’s degree in Software Development and Informational Technologies.
At CoiningAI, Sergey develops the backend platform and oversees frontend development, ensuring stability, performance, and more for CoiningAI users.


Tommy Wang


Tommy Wang exemplifies over fifteen years of expertise in executing business strategy, corporate finance solutions and structuring complex deals. His expertise in international commerce has made him a trusted and respected business advisor.
He started his career by founding iventureLab, one of the first incubator technology firms while working closely with Center for Technology Transfer at Carnegie Mellon University. He grew the company to over 150 employees in under two years. Tommy’s business proficiency found him as a board member and consultant to over 50 startup businesses looking to emulate and capitalize on his proven success.
Tommy earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Computer Engineering graduating with the distinction of summa cum laude and a Master’s Degree in MISM (Masters in Information Systems Management) also from Carnegie Mellon University. Tommy is renowned as the first student in Carnegie Mellon University history to complete an undergraduate and masters program in only three years.